For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about fashion, sensitive to art, 

colors, and textures as though they were 

a part of me. Inspired by icons like 

Jeanne Beker, Rachel Zoe, and June 

Ambrose, I was drawn to the world of 

design, creativity, and artistic expression.


I embraced this world by developing a

unique and constantly evolving style of 

my own. Under pressure to do something 

practical I studied accounting, but numbers

and office work didn’t inspire me nearly as 

much as the time I spent creating my portfolio, working with individual clients, and dreaming 

of the day when I would start my own fashion consultancy.



I firmly believe that everyone has a unique

personal style. When I work with a client, my

aim is not to change them, but to draw out

what makes them unique so they can express

it through fashion. By exposing my clients to

new fashion ideas, I empower them to

experiment and expand their horizons. Helping

my clients through this process of discovery

and creation is what I love most about my job.

To me, fashion is art, and every client is a blank


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